Temasek, Parramatta: Char kway teow

Rating: 5 out of 5

71 George Street, Parramatta 2150

temasek char kway teow

For me, it’s hard to go past char kway teow on a menu.  Ho fun, or the flat rice noodle, is my favourite type of noodle of all time, and this dish just celebrates it so well.  Eating char kway teow makes me feel like I’m sitting in a hawker stall in Singapore or Malaysia.

Temasek is a Sydney institution for lovers of Singaporean and Malaysian food.  Situated in the western Sydney suburb of Parramatta, the restaurant attracts diners from all over Sydney, a mostly Asian crowd that know and love this cuisine.  It’s almost always bursting with eager crowds, so we were surprised when we easily snagged a table at 12:30pm on a Saturday.

The service was quick and efficient, and our meals arrived only a mere 5 minutes or so after our waitress took our order.  Seeing other tables laden with succulent Hainanese chicken rice and creamy laksa, our appetites were definitely thankful for the short wait!

The char kway teow was a glorious combination of soft, elastic ho fun, stir fried with fresh bean sprouts for crunch, big juicy king prawns, sweet Chinese sausage lap cheong, and was flecked with chopped red chilis for some heat and fire (the chilis are optional, but we couldn’t resist!).  There was a slight sweetness to the delicious salty soy sauce flavour and pleasingly, there was no heavy oily feeling in the mouth.  The smokiness of the well seasoned wok can also be tasted in this dish.

Temasek is hands down my nomination for the best char kway teow in Sydney, and on its own, is undoubtedly worth the trek out to Parramatta. Get to it!

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2 thoughts on “Temasek, Parramatta: Char kway teow

  1. the sweetness is more indicative of a singaporean 棵条
    and having eaten 棵条 at temasek before, I’d say it is.

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