Thai Paragon, North Strathfield: Pad thai chicken

Rating: 3 out of 5

Thai Paragon
Bakehouse Quarter, George St, North Strathfield 2137

pad thai chicken

For a good portion of the last decade, pad thai was probably Sydney’s favourite dish, akin to the English and their fondness for chicken tikka masala.  Thai food joints popped up everywhere, often right next door to each other, and we just couldn’t get enough of their delicious red curries, chili and basil stir-fries, and this delicious noodle concoction known as pad thai.  Even though Thai has long been replaced by Mexican and American dude food in trendiness and popularity stakes, it is still a firm favourite amongst many Australians.

Thai Paragon is situated in the Bakehouse Quarter in North Strathfield, a stone’s throw away from Outback Steakhouse and Pancakes on the Rocks.  The restaurant is all dark wood and moody inside, but on a nice sunny autumn day, there is no better seat than outside, even if the cars are passing within metres of your table.

The pad thai chicken is a measley $10.90 as a lunch special, and you get a serving big enough to keep you fuelled for nearby tenpin bowling or laser skirmish activities.  The noodles came out an odd pink colour, but were sprinkled liberally with raw bean sprouts for fresh crunch, along with a wedge of lemon and crushed peanuts.  The bean sprouts and peanuts added a nice contrast in texture to the chewy noodles and tender chicken, and the sour lemon juice cut through the sweet flavour of the noodles.

Strangely, there were two big lonely chunks of red capsicum that seemed a bit out of place in amongst the strands of noodles, but otherwise there was a nice even sprinkling of chicken, mini tofu cubes and egg throughout.

Overall it was a decent dish of springy noodles with sweet and sour flavours and mix of textures.  The service is relatively quick for lunch service and pretty good value too.

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